Industry Support

Today’s industry requires engineers with a strong knowledge in basics, without which advancement is not possible.  Trinity Academy with the support of the experts in the electronics industry, aims at empowering the students through practical exposure to the subject (electronics) by doing projects and providing a more flexible platform to work on their own.  It is also planned to support them to clarify their doubts online and to kindle their interest to continue learning new things till they gain confidence to undertake an assignment.    Frequent face to face interaction is also facilitated to the students with the industrial experts to enrich their technical knowledge. Teaching / training the students in the vernacular language is an added advantage to the deserving talents. The industry experts share their expertise and ensure powerful knowledge enrichment in the areas of electrical, electronics, digital electronics, microprocessor, controller, micro controller, embedded system and ‘C’ programming through online courses.   A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of these courses will empower an electronics engineering student to get a chance to enter into a core industry that result in gaining the best package offered by the multi-national companies.  As a matter of fact, the electronics industries struggle to get the right candidates and there is no unemployment problem in this industry.